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March 15, 2007

Finished my very first assignment of the semester – Research log for Asian Cybercultures. Only 3% but I figure I should still do it well.

“At first glance this assignment seemed simple enough. Part of the thrill of this assignment was (almost) knowing instantly where and how to look up these articles, and getting to what I wanted quite quickly. At #3, however, the open-endedness of the search topic led me to a pool of information on Mark Pesce and his work. Despite searching online with the same few search processes I was familiar with, most of what I found were repetitive and not very relevant. Only a couple of hours later did I retrieve various articles on the future of television. After the exercise, I took a quick evaluation on the steps I’d taken to find what I wanted, and realized how I searched for the articles where processes that I commonly used – they were search steps I’ve been using for years and years, those steps I was comfortable with. However, there are limitations to my searching process, and I think one way I can improve as a researcher is to expand on my research skills and techniques. Lastly, I see the new media (especially the web) as a quick and comprehensive medium of knowledge and content management, and one that I should embrace and use effectively in my research.”