Moving On

June 30, 2008

This week I’m trying to give my research a bit more focus. As I was writing my literature review, I found myself with too much information on journalism and new media and very little for a case study on newspapers (in this case it’s “The Age” I wanted to focus on). So I’m quite back to square one and now trying to see how I can narrow my area of study and try not to kill myself.

My old research on the London bombings and the citizen media movement come to mind. I’m trying now to find links in how the citizenry use technology (e.g. camera phones) during times of disaster or conflict. The London bombings in July 05 was a pivotal case of study in the area of citizen media. With photojournalists being unable to get to the scene of disaster in time, not to mention they were denied access to the cordoned areas, there was only the people at the scene of conflict to rely on.

Other disaster / conflict events I’m also reading up on (but will eventually have to narrow to 1 or 2):

– World Trade Centre Attack (September 11)

– Bali Bombings

– H5N1 strain of bird flu (till present)

– London Bombings (7 July)

– Thailand Tsunami

– Earthquake in Sichuan, China (May 12)
– Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (May 2008)
BTW citizen journalism isn’t a very new thing. Abraham Zapruder was filming the procession of the John F Kennedy motorcade when he captured the moment of Kennedy’s assassination. This was 1963!


2 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. roy Says:

    Enough Rope’s Andrew Denton’s production company is called Zapruder’s Other Films Pty Ltd, in homage.

  2. roy Says:

    oh, and your portfolio looks good, i like the asian/roots/Grace slant.

    oh and what’s with the little smiley at the top? 🙂

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