June 16, 2008

I’ve had little confidence in my own research and possibly still do. But I am guessing its only because I tend to like to know that everything is in control. With my research, it feels like there are loopholes, and there are parts that I don’t grasp quite well. Makes it difficult to know if I’m treading on the right path. Nonetheless, with the deadline for the literature review looming, I’ve finally decided to sit and formulate some questions I’d like to answer with my research. It IS long over due, but I assure you it’s only because I’ve had to shave off 60 other questions that I already have floating around my head. I love over doing things, as always.

  • How has the role of a photojournalist evolved with the rise of new media technologies?
  • Who is a photojournalist and what is photojournalism?
  • Who is a citizen journalist and what is citizen journalism?
  • What is the role of a photojournalist in the age of new media ubiquity where everyone/anyone can brand themselves a journalists?

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