June 13, 2008

I’m done with my Transient Website. It’s called streetpoetry:melbourne.

I think the experience was a rather fulfilling one. I spent this entire week on htmls and the website design, I must say I feel quite accomplished. Thought I have some experience with websites etc, I feel it’s something I don’t enjoy doing. I very much prefer conceptualizing and producing. Working on this site has affirmed my likes and dislikes… somehow.

Now, some would ask where is the community in this project. I think the community lies in the simple common locality of each of these individuals photographed. They were all spotted in the CBD, all with different purposes and little stories to offer.

I think many projects about community, or about street photography seek to give answers and are rather mono-dimensional, what I hope to do with my project is to let people ask questions, seek their own answers, i think that makes for a more fulfilling experience – I hope.

(byron attard-wise and his poem)

(christine curwen and husband)


One Response to “streetpoetry:melbourne”

  1. Ryan Lim Says:

    your work was brilliant, very creative. i like your website very much.

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