Why TV is quite dead (for me, at least)

June 12, 2008

While we all know at the back of our minds that media don’t die just because new ones surface, I think TV is quite dead for me. My machine sits pathetically in the corner of my living room waiting for a kind soul to give it a good dust, much less hit the switch for a good startup. And it’s died because I’m hours on end at the laptop, and I do everything around it. I wake up for breakfast and my computer is on, I have lunch in front of the computer while I type this, I watch DVDs on my laptop, and then there’s YouTube, which flirts with you just about 23 hours of your day. Today I thought about all the news that I know of from online sources – and I think “I never knew that much before there was The Age online, or The New York Times, or YouTube! So what happened?

I think it’s got to do with online news is able to be an effective pull medium. I find myself completely turned off by the fact that 1/8th of the news I watch on TV is irrelevant to me, and those I think are useful are quite hyped up and sensationalized. I also need some niche news that I can’t get on television. For example, I’m a design junkie, and i don’t see much news on design or designers on TV. So I turn to the blogs, and on my RSS I get the exact type of news I want, if irrelevant, i simply don’t need to read it. there are tonnes of hyperlinks that lead me to exterior information by other bloggers, or YouTube links.

Here’s an example:

I read on Apartment Therapy about the most expensive residence in the world. Following that trend of thought, I coninued to click on other links within the article, and found myself on a forbes feature of Mukesh Ambani, whom at 50 years old is one of Asia’s richest man. After googling his name I find more about him on Wiki and also a YouTube news feature on him and his decadent home.

Now that’s what I think makes news: when you are able to connectively find resources through hyperlinking.


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