The Story of the Weeping Camel

June 11, 2008

I watched The Story of The Weeping Camel on SBS this week. It’s a story about the nomadic Mongolian life, told through their cattle trade, especially the camels. For the nomadic Mongolians, the cattle are very integral to their lives – other than being very hardy animals for moving around, I think it actually defines some form of repute. I love the part when the two younger boys of the tribe took a long camel journey into the city. For the younger kid he was introduced to the television for the very first time and watched cartoons with the other city children, he was immediately captivated by that contraption that connection him to the world.

This doco comes with a great website (click link above), I like how it complements the linear format – I found out about the doco through the website and then watched it on FTA, now I come back to the site again and find myself completely drawn to the Mongolian culture and history.


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