TV and Gender

June 2, 2008

I can perhaps, finally start producing some words for the 2nd Comm Revs essay, if I actually even understand the question:

What sorts of cultural form/media have broadcast and/or digital communication technologies made possible, for what sorts of social applications have these involved, for what sorts of local, national and ‘global’ social groups? What sorts of rhetorical claims are made through the publicity, marketing, advertising, promotional and critical discussion of these technologies?

I’ve spent some time last week researching and have narrowed my area of discussion: I’d like to focus on the introduction of television (1950s) into the nuclear household and it’s phenomenal claim of merging public and private spaces. I also want to talk about how the TV set (furniture) established the domestic architecture of home – the female as homemaker and daytime dweller, a feminine figure, weak and susceptible to daytime low brow entertainment. This opposed to men, whose masculinity was imagined by the nuts and bolts of the complex ‘radio with pictures’, and other high fidelity equipment.

That seems to answer the first part of the question, then I read the 2nd part of it and got completely thrown off. What ‘social applications…..?” I don’t understand social applications beyond online social apps like flickr, facebook, myspace. Darn I wish I paid more attention to Peter. Help.


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