Starting Again (Production Project Snapshot 1)

July 25, 2007

So school’s started again, which is odd becuase it still feels like yesterday we were scrambling to put our funding application together. Just when I was getting used to having late nights watching movies and (and the whole season of ‘Heroes’!) literally no mornings, I’ve now got to get back to some kind of routine. Which is good, i guess. I was hating myself for becoming such a sluggard.

And it is time again to dig up our old work for ‘Urban Vignettes’ and it is this semester that we finally get to shoot it. It is rather pressurizing becuase we did promise alot in our pitch and funding application, and I guess we as a team really do want to perfect this.

 Personally, i’m excited to embark on a (fairly) large and different form of production. I say different becuase i’ve never worked on a documentary before and becuase our project is designed for an online audience. Working on this will definitely widen my portfolio as a creative and media person. Shooting a documentary may be new, but it’s a genre i’m very keen to explore. As I work on this project, what will constantly be at the back of my mind is how it is accessible as a new medium, since we are passionate about delivering history and heritage in a way that is interesting for a young audience.

I want to develop people skills throughout this project. As a director, I will be most involved with our characters George and Lola. I think it is imperative that I not merely understand them as subjects of our project but also as people with interests, emotion and alot more. That said, I trying to answer my own question: If you put yourself into the shoes of your characters, what does this project do for you? How do you / will you react to it?


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