Audiences and Participation

April 5, 2007

Jenny said in lecture about being aware of who our audiences are when creating our Production – that’s an apt reminder and a crucial factor to why we work on our productions too. An audience is something easily taken for granted when working on a project. I’m guilty of ignoring an audience’s need because each time I work on something the aesthetic is the first of my concern. But working with an audience in mind makes a lot of sense. Imagine a high budget experimental art film produced for a children’s channel. The money would definitely be down the drain because the meaning of the film would be lost and so would children’s interest in the product. Jenny mentioned the easy way to identify a target audience would be to identify the communities that your piece of work is dedicated to. In other words, the piece of work that we create for the communities should have a purpose and that is to meet particular needs within the circle.

Two points i’ve brought home from Jenny’s lecture:

  • Economics – Can your audience afford to consume?
  • Technology – What media technology does your audience have access to and /or are comfortable with?

Taking these questions into account, I want to think about the audience of our production project. We are working on an interactive video documentary about the lesser known / forgotten heritage places in the Melbourne CBD. Our project will be published online – featuring 5 to 6 places, each of them in dedicated pages with links, video interviews, audio clips and a visual tour.

  • Our audiences are visitors to Melbourne City/ those who live out of the city, maybe in Victoria ??/ those who live out of Victoria / out of Australia. Our audience needs this site because it helps them zoom into specific places of interest – locations that have rich heritage that they can experience.
  • Our audiences are travellers. They like to explore and learn about culture, history, heritage. They like new experiences, they value information and are resourcesful in looking for them.
  • They are the 25s to 55s.
  • They have internet access and are tech literate. Their resourcefulness drives them to the online resources.

Definitely not an exhaustive list, but something our group will continue to build upon. With these in mind, we are going to create our heritage website for our target audience, making sure their need for information – knowledge and visual accuracy is met.

That, is how our project can be considered a successful one!


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